Yes! Yes! another super Hot! Black Liberty Records (BLR) CD featuring a very talented artist by the name of BLACK SHEPHERD, “The Dancehall Bad Boy. Shepard has been chanting on the mike from the age of four, and started taking his talent serious at the age of 12. Being the younger brother of Spanna Banna and Plyers, as in (Shaka Demous & Plyers), great artistes in their own rights; and surrounded by an abundant of talent while growing up in Kingston Jamaica, it was only natural for Shepherd to feel inspired and follow in his brothers’ footsteps. 

Shepard have been searching for an opportunity to show case his talent to the world for a very long time, but had been getting the run around from record labels left right and center because his name was not out there with the big guys, plus most labels are not into taking a risk on new talent anyway, but BLR, with its CEO being an up and coming star at the time, was able to relate to Shepherds struggle, especially because of how talented he was, had no choice but to give him a chance, and now Shepherd has become a walking lyrical weapon.

Shepard can hold his own amongst the best of the best dancehall reggae artist on the planet today, and getting tougher as the days go by, he has performed on many shows featuring top celebrities, and have voiced some of the most poisonous killer Dub-Plates for some of the leading sound system worldwide, and believe me, you would definitely want him on your side when it comes to a sound clash because he is definitely a winner, and his opponents the dinner. Shepard says he now feels comfortable with BLR and is now ready to entertain the world. This CD is jam-packed with 14 of the latest from Shepard (the Leopard Gun Peppered),and shows off how talented he is, it also features some of the toughest dancehall beats from the BLR catalog. Most of the beats were created by Mo-Money from BLR’s (TDC) Hip-Hop group, along with contributions from Jamaica.


All voicing, mixing / mastering and editing was done at BLR’s TOP DOG Recording Studio by the A1 engineer Killa-Fonz. If you’re a dancehall music lover then this CD is definitely for you, Shepard is a cross between Merciless & Bounty with a style all of his own, he now resides in Maryland and is now a member of the BLR camp, we know you’ll love this CD, and hope that you’ll lookout for more hot new material from BLR. SoundBits are also available at BLRs website, and you can call to book Shepherd at Ph. 240-281-1587 or