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TRACK #1: We kick this CD off with one of Jamaica’s premier foundation Reggae group THE HEPTONES, singing on a re-mixed for BLR and this one is awesome, this track will pick you up when you’re down and remind you what you truly want your woman to do to you “LOVE ME WITH ALL OF YOUR HEART”, after listening to this track you’ll definitely be reminded why The Heptones are one of Jamaica’s premiere reggae group.  


TRACK #2: Also featured on this CD are two of  Montegobay’s Rising Star MAJOR LLOYD (singer) & ACONGO (rapper) they are featured on this CD in a wicked combination style, riding one of the roughest foundation rhythm ever built curt icy of Major Lloyd. Major has been featured on several Sun Fest concert in Montegobay Jamaica where he now resides. He sings Dub-Plates for many sound systems worldwide, many musical recordings solo and in combination with many known artist, along with many tours in Europe and many small islands. Major Lloyd is a true veteran and will one day in the near future lead the pack, this one is hooottt!


TRACK #3: Next up we have The original Ryder himself JOCKEY WRYDER, chanting his Ganja man tune which will definitely get all the herb man them hollering for more.  Jockey as you already know has also been in the music business for many years. He has opened up shows for many of our now top-notch artistes and is considered one of Philly’s top Jamaican artist, his new CD “HOT FLEX” is also now available and can be purchased from BLR’s website. Jockey is also featured on the BLR Dancehall Inferno CD.


TRACK #4: SHEPARD is the name of this next artist. He is the brother of Plyers as in Shaka Demous & Plyers and the brother of Spanna Banna. The difference between him and his other brothers is that he a DJ, and a wicked one at that. His styles are like the Bounty Killer, but with a style and sound that is one of a kind. Shepard is literally a lyrical weapon and has super star qualities written all over his lyrics. He has won a number of awards and is in demand from promoters and sound system worldwide. When it comes to Dub-Plates business you definitely want him on your side because he is definitely a winner and his opponent is the dinner. Check him out on his new CD “SHEPARD DANCEHALL BADBOY” that’s now available in stores and at BLR’s website. Shepard is also featured on the BLR Dancehall Inferno CD.


TRACK #5: We also feature SHABAKA on this CD. Whenever you hear the name Shabaka you can rest assured that you are getting good quality international music. Shabaka is a #1 singer from Serra leone Africa, he gets his influence from some of the grates such as Bob Marley, The Whalers, Culture & Peter Touch just to name a few. Freddy as we call him here at the HQ is a professional entertainer and musician. “If West African born singer/songwriter Freddy Shabaka doesn’t win listeners over with his words, the odds are good he’ll do it with his music…Shabaka knows how to make his point effectively on several levels as a singer, songwriter and arranger& composer, he is also an electrifying performer and a whiz on stage---“Washington Post”.


TRACK #6: On this track MARK ICE sings solo letting the world and the girls know “HERE I AM” come and take me, and he mean business, as you might already know, Mark is a highly gifted and talented singer/Song writer who is destined to become a star, he is definitely making his presence felt on the music seen today with several singles out along with a great video that’s doing well for him, he also has several hits in NY on WLIB. Keep your eyes peeled for this artist because the future is here.


TRACK #7: Up next We have another talented artist known as the one and only JAGUAR letting you know say “ME DEPRESS” because of how some of the ladies dem a flex, he explains the topic as clear as A, B, C. Jaguar is an upcoming artist from Kingston Jamaica who is working very aggressive toward his musical career, so far he has been featured on several singles and performed on many shows and recorded many Dub-Plates for sound systems from all over the world. Jaguar is also from Kingston Jamaica.


TRACK #8: We also feature on this CD someone you should already know; his name is SUPER BLACK. One of his most memorable song goes like this:


(CORUS)   All the while you come a me yard a gwan like you big and you broad

but hey girl, a want you fe know say a me a de owner fe de yard

a would a deah wid you.


TRACK #9: KILLA-FONZ CEO & President of the BLR is featured on this track letting you know that whatever you’re doing in life to become successful and it’s not working for you then you need to “SWITCH TO GET RICH”, (360 degrees that is) but don’t get rich and switch. Most people don’t know but Killa is the original killa before all other killas, he actually started out as a Hip-Hop rapper back in the earlie 80’s, even opened for Run DMZ (1983) while stationed in Soul South Korea and was one of the most popular rapper in the military circle at the time, he even won several rapping contest while in the military.


TRAACK #10: This track is where reality strikes home when KILLA-FONZ breaks it down to you about “THE ATTACK OF THE BILLS”, believe me every hard working person on this planet can relate to this track because “who feels it knows it” and fonz breaks it’s down to you in digestible peaces. No more long talk about this hot artist and his capabilities, his works speak for itself, he’s just holding down the fort with this one to let you know that he’s rough all around. Fonz new CD “VERSATILITY” is now available in some stores and can be purchased from the BLR website (Sound bytes also available). Fonz is also featured on the new Dancehall Inferno and Yard Squad Reggae Vol.1 CD (BLR).


TRACK #11: LADY “V” one of the roughest female Jamaican DJ in the business also makes her presence felt on this CD with another hot track from her endless arsenal of lyrics, this one is called “TAKE A LOT OF HOOD” which will have the man them ready like Freddy to rock real steady, yeah this one is definitely for the dancehall and stud master crew them. You can hear on this track why V is one of the roughest female DJ in the business.


TRACK #12: “LISTEN TO REALITY” is the next super hot track on this CD featuring MR. BENETO BROWN, this track fits in the classic Studio One style of selections, Beneto himself coming from the Classic Studio One era with the golden voice have been part of the Studio One camp back in the 70’s. This is truly a great song that will truly bring back memories of happier days back a yard, you might find yourself playing it over and over again.  


TRACK #13: DEVANO, known as the poor man Soprano is also featured on this CD, letting you know how hungry it is for some people back home with this track “EVERY DAY ANOTHER YOUTH CRY”. This track will definitely touch home for a lot of people who have faced hungry days back home in their country, and believe me who feels it knows it. Gifted and talented is just a few of Devano’s qualities, this track is definitely wicked. See the review by the JAMAICAN STAR about DEVANO on BLR’s upcoming page at their website.

Yard Squad Reggae Vol.1 Album (Various Artists)

وحدة SKU: 364215376135191
15.00$ سعر عادي
10.00$سعر البيع


    • THE HEPTONES (Love me with all of your heart)
    • MAJOR LLOYD & ACONGO (Week under the treatment)
    • JOCKEY RYDER (Jah Jah bless my soul)
    • SHEPARD (Building block)
    • FREDDY (You can conquor)
    • MARK ICE (Here I am)
    • JAGUAR (Me depress)
    • SUPER BLACK (Can’t say everything pretty)
    • FONZ (switch to get rich)
    • FONZ (Attack of the bills)
    • LADY “V” (Take a lot of hood)
    • BENETO (listen to Reality)
    • DEVANO (Every day another youth cry)
    • MARK ICE & DILLGIN (God almighty)
    • SUPER BLACK (Psalms 31)
    • ENGLISHMAN (Champion Sound)
    • THE HEPTONES (Surprise Bonus) 


    Executive Producer: Alphonso Messam

    Recorded/Edited & Mastered at:

    Black Liberty Records

    Graphics: Alphonso Messam / Killa-Fonz

    Composers: Mo-money  

    Other Engineers: Daryl “D’ / Killa Fonz

    Senior Engineers: Killa-Fonz / Mo-money / Daryl “D”

    C  P Published 2002: 1 A WAY (ASCAP)

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