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180 Degrees Mid/Highs cabinet with horns & tweeters

Add this speaker cabinet to your sound system system setup to fill the room and spaces that are lacking sound.


2 each PYRAMID TW46 Titanium Super Tweeter 

       150 watts RMS each = 300 watts RMS total

       Frequency response 2000-25000Hz

2 each Goldwood GM-450PB 2" High Frequency 4 Bolt Horn Mounted on a 60 degree angle



*2 each Driver compression Pyle model PDB752

*Horn dimensions: 17.7" W x 9.8" H x 9.1" D

*Large format horn for 2" drivers

*90° H x 40° V dispersion

*Heavy-duty reinforced ABS construction

*Useable to 500 Hz

*Built to order: Means we build when you order

*Usualy takes 3 weeks to complete order excluding shipping

*2 each Locking Female 1/4" connector mounted a metal connectot panel 

*Rubber feet included

*Hanging option available (Contact us)


Impedance: 8 ohm; Power rms: 400 watt; Power max: 800 watt; Material of the diaphragm: titanium; Material of the magnet: ferrite; Sensibility: 107 db; Frequency reponse: 1000 - 20000 hz. 


Dimensions: 2'-8""W x 20"D x 1'H

Weight: 61

JAHP-180 Mid/Highs Fill-In Speaker Cabinet

  • *Built to order (BTO), meaning we build when you order

    *Dual connector panel with locking 1/4" nutrix connector on rear

    *Heavy duty rubber feet included wired in series or parallel (let us know) your preference.

    *Paint: Durabak18 with (UV) protection for a long lasting and durable box and beautiful finish.

    *3 weeks to build, plus approximately 7 days shipping. Extensive bracing through-out.

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