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-Customers Favorite-

Custom Midrange/Horn & driver box for your JBL 2445, JBL 2446, JBL 2447, 1" or 2" drivers and 17" - 18” horns. We can also build smaller horn cabinets, let us know the model and driver/magnet hole cut-out diameter and driver mounting bolt pattern and we will custom build you a similar box to fit your horn and driver. Built with the pro sound and DJ in mind so contact us to get yours built right NOW!. Designed by Mr. Alphonso Messam and built by JAHsound Speakers BLR.



  "The Life Of The Party"  

Rent some of these and the DJ won't have to be the life of the party any more, and trust me when the people comes through the doors, they won't want to leave after hearing these Awesome! BOOMING!! good sounding speakers. Each of these 1000 watts 15" water proof sub-bass cabinets  have 2 wheels on the rear at the bottom, along with 1 dual connector (input/jumper) panel mounted on the rear of the cabinet, there is also 1 handle on the rear for easy handling and maneuvering. Built by JAHsound Speakers, a BLR division.

JAH 180D

-180 Degrees 4 Way Stack-

Add this stack to your sound system setup and the crowd will go crazy and won't want to leave, that's right, if you want to fill the room or dull spaces with sizzling highs and awesome midrange  180° then this is the set of custom speaker stack for you, built with the touring and Pro DJ in mind. Designed by Mr. Alphonso Messam and built by JAHsound Speakers BLR.

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