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You always talk about done the place right? well here is your chance to grab Up a couple of these 1600W AES 4 Ohm double trouble mid-bass 15" High Efficiency 4'x2'x2' speaker boxes that will definitely do the job, guaranteed to drive fear into your competitors heart, built by KillaFonz.


Introducing the JAHsound MB007, a top-of-the-line midrange/mid-bass speaker box that is custom-built to order. With its sleek black color and premium Neutrik connectors, this speaker is perfect for those who demand high-quality performance from their audio equipment. The JAHsound brand is known for producing top-of-the-line pro audio equipment, and this speaker box is no exception. Its wired connectivity ensures a reliable and consistent connection, making it ideal for musicians and audio professionals alike. Whether you're looking to upgrade your studio setup or take your live performances to the next level, the JAHsound MB007 is the perfect choice.

Dual Mount 12"/15" Mid/Mid-Bass JAHsound CUSTOM BOX 1600W AES 8 Ohm

$3 499,00Price
130 Pounds
Shipment right after building
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