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Discover the essential cleaning solution for your vinyl collection with the Dayton Audio VRCK-S Vinyl Record Cleaning Spray. This compact 30mL bottle offers a powerful yet gentle cleaning solution, perfect for eliminating dust, fingerprints, and other residues from your records. Designed for simplicity and effectiveness, the VRCK-S ensures your vinyl stays in top condition, enhancing your listening experience without compromising the vinyl's quality.

Key Features

  •         Effective Cleaning Solution: Specially formulated to clean vinyl records safely, removing unwanted residues and dust.
  •         No Residue Left Behind: Cleans efficiently without leaving streaks or residue, maintaining the pristine condition of your records.
  •         Compact Size: The 30mL bottle is easy to store and ideal for record enthusiasts who value convenience and portability.
  •         Simple Application: Quick and easy to use, requiring just a spray and wipe with a soft cloth for optimal results.
  •         Vinyl Preservation: Helps maintain the condition and longevity of your vinyl records, ensuring the best sound quality and appearance.

Dayton Audio VRCK-S Vinyl Record Cleaner Spray 30ml

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