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If you think Vol.1 was sizzling, well you’re in for an even hotter experience the YARD SQUAD way because this one is an inferno. Jammed packed with some of the freshest artistes on the planet, this Vol. 2 CD still features most of the same artistes as Vol.1 but with some new additions. MO-Money Ramone (TDC) created most of the super tough tracks on this CD, and all recording, mixing mastering, editing and manufacturing as usual was done in house at BLR’s facility so you can rest assured that you are getting an A1 product. Make sure to grab your copy quick because like with the Vol. 1, they don’t stay on the shelves for long. As the weeks and month passes by the BLR’s arsenal just keeps’ getting thicker and stronger. This CD is just a prime example of an A1 Record Label, Recording Studio, Sound System and Production facility producing good quality music for the international community. 

Yard Squad Hip Hop Vol.II

15,00$ Standardpreis

      1. KJAHOS (DUNGEON OF THE MIND) 2:58:04  

      2. WHITE MIKE (OZ IS HOT) 4:10:41

      3. Ms “T” (IT’S ALL RIGHT) 4:44:68  

      4. JAZZ DA RIPPER (YOU’LL LAME) 4:03:58


      6. KILLA-FONZ (SO LONG) 5:08:21

      7. SHEPARD (PAGER) 5:09:29  

      8. WHITE MIKE (STORY LINE) 3:51:15

      9. MO-MONEY (MURDEROUS) 4:09:13  

    10. KILLA-FONZ (ROOKUMBINE) 4:01:23

    11. MO-MONEY (SHUT-UM-DOWN) 3:45:58


    13. Ms. “T” & Debo (READY FOR WAR) 3:43:62  

    14. MO-MONEY (YOU KNOW) 4:17:74

    15. KJAHOS (NO COCANE) 5:03:00


    Executive Producer: Alphonso Messam

    Recorded, Edited, Mixed, Mastered & Manufactured at:

    Black Liberty Records except for track #1 & 15

    Graphics: Alphonso Messam / Killa-Fonz

    Composers: Mo-money, Daryl Randall & Kjahos

    Senior Engineers: Killa-Fonz 

    Other Engineers: Daryl “D’ / Mo-Money

    C  P Published: 1 A WAY (ASCAP)

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